Aerial cinematography

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See How Aerial Cinematography Gets You the Perfect Shot 

Take advantage of innovations that the film industry has to offer with aerial cinematography by Wild Rabbit. The drone market is experiencing exciting developments with aerial cinematography. If you want to take your shoot to the next level, use aerial cinematography to get shots that will blow your mind. 


Wild Rabbit is on the Forefront of Aerial Cinematography


If you need aerial cinematography for your shoot, there’s a lot of knowledge, equipment, skill and experience you’ll need to execute what you have envisioned. That’s why you hire us.


You may believe that a bigger drone is better. However, while that’s ideal for hauling a bigger camera and bigger equipment, it’s more important to use a camera with a good lens, higher resolution and better range. In fact, if you’re using a bigger setup, it can be more unwieldy and complicated to operate. Having good equipment is of course important, but it’s more important to know how to create a good shot. When you hire us, there are countless hours of flying that has been logged with pilots and filmmakers of various backgrounds. We’ve acquired insurance, licensing and permissions so you can rest assured that we’re good to go. 


Aerial Cinematography for 2018 


One of the first tasks for your shoot is scouting a location. Even if you’re only using one location, this will require enough time to ensure that the grounds are safe, that the light will be in the appropriate place at the appropriate time and in the appropriate amount. You have to take into account any hazards—and many of them may not be apparent or obvious, requiring someone with experience to properly deal handle the safety of your crew and talent. 


Get Creative with Aerial Cinematography


Know what your subject is and how you’re going to capture it. Your camera operator will have an eye for this. Your subject may shift as the shoot develops, and knowing how to make the most effective changes are vital to capture the essence of your story. It’s ineffective when a director or camera operator simply shoots everything. This creates a ton of work on the post production side, and is a sign of someone who is unsure of their skills. Ensure that there are clear intentions for your shoot. That can entail creating a rough storyboard or a script with relevant details. 


Aerial Cinematography Will Take Your Shoot to the Next Level 


Some filmmakers hate rehearsing, some love it. No matter your take on the subject, rehearsals will take time off of the front end to cut down time, money and resources on the back end. Block out shots and shoot test shots—you may catch some things you couldn’t see from the ground. Also, conditions can quickly change, so it’s important to see how conditions are appearing on the camera, and whether you can spot changes from a higher vantage point. 


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