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Aerial Cinematography Trends

Aerial cinematography trends are evolving at an unprecedented pace! Keep up with Wild Rabbit Aerial to ensure that you are up to date with the latest innovations in aerial cinematography, virtual reality drone video and more. Since 2013, Wild Rabbit Aerial has been dedicated to using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology for low altitude aerial cinematography in the virtual reality industry and beyond.

For reliable and creative VR drone video services and the latest in aerial cinematography trends, there is no team more in the know than Wild Rabbit Aerial. Virtual reality and VR drone video is on the threshold of technological innovation and modern audiences eagerly await a range of experiential games and features- these kinds of aerial cinematography trends will allow future users to become fully immersed in any world that they can imagine!

Aerial Cinematography Trends of 2017

One of the most important aerial cinematography trends this year will be capturing drone video and images at night. Never before were drone cinematography and aerial video companies legally allowed to film at nighttime. Today, Part 107 night waivers have changed all of that- this recent innovation in drone aviation law is one of the most important aerial cinematography trends of 2017.

 Wild Rabbit Aerial has received a Part 107 night waiver, which allows our pilots to operate during all night hours from sundown to sunset. Our skilled and experienced team will provide all legal documentation and can assist in the permitting process for night operations. A Part 107 night waiver allows experienced drone operators to capture footage at night. The Wild Rabbit Aerial team can also operate during Civil Twilight with FAA required anti-collision system lights that are visible for a 3-mile statute. When it comes to the Part 107 night waiver regulations, it is important to know that night translates to the end of “Evening Civil Twilight” (beginning at sunset and ending when the Sun reaches 6 degrees below the horizon) and the beginning of “Morning Civil Twilight” (when the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon and ends at sunrise).

Another important aerial cinematography trend involves drone video for virtual reality. Many people are familiar with the phrase “Virtual Reality” but few actually know what it means. Virtual reality involves the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using a VR headset, helmet gloves etc. When it comes to aerial cinematography trends, drone companies like ours have to consider how to best collaborate with the virtual reality medium.

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