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An Aerial Video Company Will Capture Breathtaking Shots  

An aerial video company such as Wild Rabbit is a true pioneer and innovator within the filmography realm. When it comes to an aerial video company capabilities, our skilled and experienced team at Wild Rabbit Aerial is one of the best drone companies that will get you the shots you desire. Our creative team has experience working on a range of projects, so you can rest assured that we’ll make your vision come to life! Use Wild Rabbit, an aerial video company, and create one of a kind work. 

An Aerial Video Company Will Take Your Shoot to the Next Level

When working with an aerial video company, you may be interested to know how this exciting technology works. Drone technology is always developing and utilizing innovation, allowing better drones to be used each year and even each month. 

See How an Aerial Video Company Gets You the Best Shot

Most unmanned aircraft are made of light composite materials for ease of flight and high maneuverability. The same materials allow military drones to maneuver and cruise at high altitudes. Drones also use infrared cameras (UAV), GPS and laser technology. You use remote controls to control drones, including your smartphone or digital notepads commonly referred to as a “ground cockpit”. 

Use an Aerial Video Company to Create a Unique Project

Drones are comprised of two parts: the drone itself and the control system. In most cases, most of the drone’s navigation systems and sensors reside inside of the nose of the vehicle. Advanced composite materials are used to absorb vibrations and motion that decrease the amount of noise created. 

Why Use a Helicopter When You Can Use an Aerial Video Company


There is a wide variety of drone sizes—with the largest being unmanned aircraft used for the military that’s also used for geographical surveying and combatting wildlife poaching. Some of the smallest drones can be launched from the palm of your hand, making simple film shoots easier and more agile. 

Many drones have a ‘return to home’ function that works in three ways. The first: pilot initiated by pressing the ‘return to home’ button in an app or on a controller. The next way that a drone returns to home is if low battery levels are detected and the function becomes automatic. The last mechanism to automatically make a drone return to home is if the transmission/connection between the vehicle and the controller is lost. 

There are a number of ways drones can avoid obstacles. This includes slowing down when obstacles are present, flying backwards/ascending simultaneously when an obstacle is sensed, or returning to home when an obstacle is sensed. 

In order to create a smooth, vibration free flight, gyro stabilization technology is utilized. The gyroscope also provides navigational information to the controller. The gyroscope senses changes in rotation due to pitch, roll and yaw to calibrate orientation. 

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