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There are so many innovations that the drone and aerial cinematography industry has pioneered. When it comes to high quality drone video and aerial capabilities, our skilled and experienced team at Wild Rabbit Aerial is one of the best drone companies that will get you the shot. Our creative team has experience working on a range of projects, so you can be assured that we’ll make your vision come to life! Use Wild Rabbit, one of the best drone companies and create one of a kind work.

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Flying high above the ground and getting bird’s eye view footage isn’t entirely new. Having this perspective has been the aspiration of humans for as long as we saw birds flying above our heads, and even before that.

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In 1858, the photographer Gaspar Felix Tournachon mapped and surveyed areas using a balloon.  He tethered a balloon suspended at 80 meters to capture sights from above. Later, meteorologist E.D. Archibald used kites in 1882 with cameras on them, while also erecting high platforms to experiment with cameras on rockets and cameras on pigeons.

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To current times, the Goodyear blimp provides satellite views of cities, skylines and sports games all providing live streams sent directly from drones. At NFL games and practices, drones are used, especially to capture hard to capture shots. Drones were used during the 2016 Rio Olympics, the PGA U.S. Open and the X Games. Drones have been used to shoot Hollywood films, the usage of which has even garnered an Oscar for Technical Achievement for the Invention of the Flying-Cam Technology in 1995 and a Scientific and Engineer Award in 2014.

The best drone companies have drones with excellent advanced technology. When you use the best drone companies at Wild Rabbit, you’ve hired the masters of drone videography. 

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Drones have new and exciting accessories to enjoy. Drone goggles allow for a new way to not just watch footage as your drone shoots it, but also enable users to control the drone and/or camera through head tracking movements, much like the functionality of regular virtual reality goggles. With these kinds of goggles, you can have real-time awareness to see what the finished shot will look like. A director can watch the footage as it’s being shot while a camera operator flies the drone for real-time cinematic shot direction.

IPhone photography is very popular. While you won’t get the quality and intrigue that you will with the best drone photography, it’s fun for personal use. IPhone accessories now include gimbals, microphones and lenses.                                           

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