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The Best Drone Company with the Best Standards

Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions is proud to be considered the best drone company for professional cinematography in the film and television industry. With over 5 years in this cutting-edge industry, we’ve seen a lot and worked with a wide range of clients. Today, we continue to adapt in order to preserve our privileged status. Make no mistake, being the best drone company in the business is an ongoing task, and one which we continue to excel at. 


The Best Drone Company with the Best Clients


In 2017, Wild Rabbit was affirmed FAA 333 Exempt and Part 107 compliant, lowering production costs associated with all of its aerial photography and reducing bureaucracy. We’re fully insured, and also available for consultation, handling permitting, insurance, FAA compliance, and equipment selection, navigating through the red tape to get you in the air and filming quicker. What else would you expect from the best drone company?


The Best Drone Company with the Best Technology


We wouldn’t call ourselves the best drone company without the triple-A client base to back our claims. Wild Rabbit loves its clients, and we’ve been privileged to work internationally with some of the biggest names and brands in the world. From artists Rihanna and Iggy Azalea to companies like Lexus, Jeep, Budweiser, Nike, and Speedo, the only things flying higher than our drones are our clients.


The Best Drone Company with the Best People



Wild Rabbit takes our claim to be the best drone company in the industry seriously, which is why we are committed to our ongoing mission to push the boundaries of conventional cinematography. Our fleet is filled with a versatile and reliable array of UAVs and equipment for any occasion. If you want to fly a camera drone through a rainstorm, if you have a 20-pound camera rig you don’t think you can get in the air, or if you need an aerial camera you can deploy in under five minutes, the best drone company has you covered.


All the tech in the world can’t help if you don’t have quality personnel to get it in the air. That’s why Wild Rabbit built a team to be proud of. Our crack team of pilots, technicians, and camera operators have clocked up thousands of hours on the task of becoming the best drone company. We blend experience, innovation, creativity, and dedication to bring you the shots you’re looking for. Our WRP teams include an FAA licensed pilot, a gimbal operator, and a visual observer. All are experts in their craft, dedicated to the art of visual storytelling, and experienced in collaborating with creative teams to execute a client’s creative vision with unerring precision.


Now you know why Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions are the best drone company flying, get in touch today to discuss how we can bring our professional touch to your production. Call us today on 323-577-3977, or visit us at