Best Drone Filming Projects Of 2017

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Best Drone Filming Projects of 2017



Take advantage of innovations that the film industry has to offer with best drone filming project of 2017 by Wild Rabbit. The drone market is experiencing exciting developments with the best drone filming projects in 2017. If you want to take your shoot to the next level, use aerial cinematography to get shots that will blow your mind. 


Your Shoot Can Be the Next Best Drone Filming Projects of 2017


If you want your shoot to be like the best drone filming projects in 2017, there’s a lot of knowledge, equipment, skill and experience you’ll need to execute what you have envisioned. That’s why you hire us. Here are some of the necessities for a drone shoot to make it as breathtaking as the best drone filming projects of 2017.  


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Drone filming requires a lot of readiness. You need to hit the ground running at the right time when conditions are optimal. After carefully scouting the area, planning the shoot, and ensuring there aren’t any hazards in the area, it’s all about opportunity. Since most drone work occurs outdoors, you’re at the whim of the conditions, whether that includes rain, wind and/or snow. Follow weather conditions carefully, and be ready for when opportunity strikes. There are a number of weather tracking apps you can use so that the moment the clouds part, you’ll be ready to shoot. 


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Your professional camera operators are professional for a reason—they run a smooth operation. If you’re a new drone operator you know how difficult it is to fly the equipment smoothly. Any jerky movement, no matter how slight, will appear significant on camera. The shots need to be consistent, smooth and simple. Many times, the simpler the better. The fact that you’re using a drone to begin with gives the shoot a sense of grandeur, so you don’t have to overcomplicate the shots. Ensure that the shots are serving the story and that you get clean shots. 


Get Creative with the Best Drone Filming Projects in 2017


Drones can fly pretty high and can climb a couple hundred feet in seconds. Consider all the creative shots you can get with this in mind—you can wind through mountains, fly above lakes, and capture wildlife as never before. But you have to be careful of how high you fly—you must choose altitude wisely. When drone shots go too high, everything begins to look flat and two dimensional. Additionally, the higher the drone flies, the less motion is created, and the shot looks static, like a photograph, necessitating you to fly higher and faster. Drones are harder to pilot the further away they are. Thus, it’s best to fly just a couple stories off the ground.  


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