Launching Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions

Welcome to the launch of Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions on Squarespace! We migrated and tweaked our web design a bit!

We will be utilizing the very latest in UAV Technology (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles aka drones) to create never before seen images. What is a drone exactly? The drone, when paired with a motion picture camera, becomes a storytelling tool which merges the capabilities of a steadicam, technocrane, and cablecam into a flying platform which can transition seamlessly from several feet off the ground to distances far and wide. The instrument broadcasts the images back to the ground so that the director can call the shot in real time.

How’d Wild Rabbit come about?

Patrick Ecclesine, award-winning photographer and longtime member of the Cinematographer’s guild became fascinated with the freedom and possibilities that drone technology presented. He teamed up with two friends from Art Center, Drew Roberts and Katee Laine, both who have extensive photography and advertising backgrounds. Additionally, Drew grew up engineering and operating RC cars and planes for competition. United by their mutual passion for cinema, photography, storytelling and technology, they decided to team up and form Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions.

We are currently in the R&D phase and will be for the foreseeable future. The technology is evolving on a daily basis and it is a full-time effort to keep up. That said we are incorporated, insured, financed and building this company the right way, which is little by little from the ground up. Our stated intention is simple: we will become the premiere drone company servicing the creative industry. How will we do this? By flying and framing shots better than anyone else. By having the best equipment. By providing unrivaled service and partnering which top creative directors, producers and VFX artists to capture shots which no other company can deliver. We’ve got a lot of work to do. Stay tuned!