Hyundai Genesis commercial at Sonoma Raceway

You'd think this would be a still shot from the popular television show Robot Wars... But no, just a typical day in the "office" out here on the racetrack in Sonoma, California. It was a pleasure working along side the Ultimate Arm, a serious follow car carrying a serious camera and able to reach speeds over 180mph. This technology definitely beats us when it comes to speed and those very low ground shots just barely touching the asphalt. However our drone definitely found its purpose and place utilizing the track for seamless dynamic aerial cinematography that would normally have taken not only the Ultimate Arm but a crane or helicopter as well. We were able to take what the follow car was capturing from the ground and take the situation to a higher level, no pun intended.. The director gave us 20 minutes and complete creative freedom to pull off one shot with the professional driver in the new Hyundai Genesis. So basically one shot to make it or break it. We had a quick 5 minute breakdown on how we can accomplish a shot they've never seen before.. We started our flight path over the fan bleachers facing our talent, as we signaled the driver to start his direction toward towards us, it was crucial our timing had to be on point. As the drone and car made themselves meet face to face we quickly pulled up and over the car, and followed it down the curvaceous track to end with an over all aerial view of the raceway at magic hour. We had never done a shot that dynamic before within the limited amount time we had to accomplish it. Very excited to see the commercial come out next year!