Crane Car

2-Axis Non-Rigid Gyro Stabilized Remote Camera Crane

Being non-rigid, our remote camera crane can endure more physical elements than a standard rigid crane. Having flexibility at the fulcrum allows us to mechanically alleviate stress under heavy impacts. This helps ensure safety for our crew, reliability on your day, and stability to your image.

Being gyro stabilized, our system electronically holds level. Trained professionals operate safely from within the vehicle via fingertip precise joysticks.

Our platform is the proven ML55. Being AWD, powerful, and nimble, the ML55 can carry six plus the gear and keep up with most all of our picture cars. Having a truck frame the ML55 is the perfect choice for the heavy payload it will have to carry. Our custom six point support cage bypasses the chassis and goes directly to the frame. This helps keep rigidity higher, and improves overall stability for the rig.

HD and SD distribution allows our operators/clients to view any format they choose. Playback is a breeze with the industry standard pix240i. Mounting brackets are available for VTR and wireless video transmission systems.

Our operators in the camera car and precision drivers of the picture cars communicate via a dual duplex communication system. Hands free headsets to further improve operation and safety.




  • Max speed 60^/sec
  • Full 360° pan rotation
  • Multiple consecutive rotations (720°+)

Lens Height

  • Maximum: 12’ / 3.6m
  • Minimum: 2’ / 0.6m below surface level


Platform- ML-55 AMG

  • Top Speed: 100+mph / 130 kph
  • 5.4 L V8 with 367 hp / 270 kW
  • 391 ft·lbf / 530 Nm of torque
  • 5-speed 5G-Tronic automatic

Payload Capacity

  • Supports all ground solution stabilized camera heads
  • 3D and HDR packages supported


Vehicle Dimensions

  • Length: 182.5" / 4,636 mm
  • Width: 74.6" / 1,895 mm
  • Wheelbase: 111.0" / 2,819 mm

Onboard Power

  • Alternator supplied 120VAC and 12VDC


  • Seating for six

Monitors & Playback

  • Panasonic BT-LH900P 8.4″lcd’s for our operators
  • Full HD playback via Pix240i
  • HD & SD distribution