Aerial Lighting 

Our 2X2 Array allows for maximum creative control of dynamic light movement when paired with a stabilized gimbal and a drone. Four daylight balanced 100W LED emitters produce 52,000 Lumens, the brightness equivalent of a 6kW incandescent light. 


  • Parabolic Reflector on each light for a spot center with soft edges
  • Diffusion available for "Chana Ball Effect"
  • Mounted on a 3-Axis Gimbal with witness cam for precise control for light operator
  • Remote "On-Off" control for all 4 lights - Allows us to control output power or for flashing effect 
  • Color Temperature options: 5600K
  • Flicker free up to 10,000 fps)
  • Light power time - 14min
  • Drone flight time with light - 12min