State of the art DRONES

We merge the capabilities of a Steadicam, Technocrane, and Cablecam into an innovative 360 degree storytelling machine. Our drones fly cinema cameras at high speeds. 

Wild Rabbit has deep production roots. We have many years of location film set experience. We'll seemlessly integrate with your camera department.

land rover drone for commercial drone pilot services_2.jpg


This drone is capable of lifting a RED or an ARRI Alexa Mini. We use the Freefly MōVi M5, M10 and M15 gimbals.  

We are able to transmit wireless uncompressed HD video at 2000 ft range. 

Flight times ranges between 8 - 12 minutes depending on environment and payload.

 Battery changes only take a couple of minutes and we come with enough batteries to last us long past the typical shoot day.


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