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Drone Cinematography Specialists

At Wild Rabbit Aerial, we are leading drone cinematography specialists who are committed to breaking creative boundaries. We thrive on collaborating with industry professionals who are passionate about storytelling and want to explore the freedom of aerial cinema.

A drone, or a “UAV” (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software controlled technology. It is important to find a drone cinematography specialist for your unique project because that way you know that a professional is providing you with the best footage possible. Whether you need eye catching images for a movie, television show or commercial or music video, drone footage can make your creative vision come to life. Drones need skilled and experienced workers to manufacture them and trained pilots to fly them. It is also important that your drone cinematography specialists are fully insured, Part 107 certified and 333 Exempt.

Leading Drone Cinematography Specialists & More

From ground, to air, to final wrap- our drone cinematography specialists will take your project to the next level. When it comes to production, Wild Rabbit Aerial will assist you with the permitting process, insurance certificates, FAA rule compliance and equipment choices. Our skilled and experienced three person crew is made up of a pilot, gimbal operator and visual observer. Our drone cinematography specialists are experts in their craft and passionate visual storytellers. We will work with your creative team to ensure that your creative vision is precisely executed.

After being established in 2013, Wild Rabbit Aerial dedicated itself to finding the best drone cinematography specialists. Our team is experienced, creative, talented and dedicated. Let us help you execute your creative vision, contact Wild Rabbit Aerial today! Our drone cinematography specialists include:

     Drew Roberts - CEO & Founder

     Katee Laine - Camera Operator

     Nathan LaBruzza - Head Technician

     Dave Radin - Producer & Managing Director

     Ed Delaunty - Producer & Camera Op

     Bianca Fuchs - Brand Manager & Creative Director

Wild Rabbit Aerial maintains both FAA Part 107 pilots as well as an FAA Section 333 Exemption. Our FAA Part 107 operators and drone cinematography specialists are approved for closed set filming and handles all of your FAA paperwork. To learn more about Wild Rabbit Aerial and our drone cinematography specialists, please call 323-577-3977 or visit http://www.wildrabbitproductions.com/.