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Wild Rabbit Has the Top Drone Filming Facilities

There are so many innovations that the drone and aerial cinematography industry has pioneered within the most current era. When it comes to high quality drone video and capabilities, the skilled and experienced team at Wild Rabbit Aerial is one of top drone filming companies. Our creative has experience working in a range of industries and can work with your to make your vision come to life.

You Need Experience and Premium Equipment for Drone Filming

While drone filming, you need to be conscious of regulations governing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) laws. The first authorized use of drones was by the FAA in the National Airspace System (NAS) in 1990 and a commercial use in 2012. This same legislation governed civilian drone use by law enforcement and private groups. Doing any kind of drone filming that results in economic benefit means that the flight operation is by definition commercial.

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Recreational drone filming doesn’t require any certification, but you must abide by standard safety guidelines per regulated than the FAA. Some of those guidelines include flying in daylight, flying under 400 feet, establishing a direct line of sight, not flying in national parks and not flying directly over people. Ensure that you have some mastery of basic flight proficiency, you want to be familiar with the physical landscape, know the details of your equipment including any hardware and software and how to troubleshoot. Know that there are different regulations for different countries, including New Zealand and Mexico, that have more lenient laws governing drone filming. However, Canada and the UK have more restrictive legislation governing drone use. But depending on different states, cities and districts, the laws may differ and require research.

Drone Filming Companies Like Wild Rabbit Will Take Your Shoot to the Next Level

Have some knowledge about the kind of camera you’re hoping to use. This will be contingent on what type of drone you’re using as well. Some drones have cameras will built in and others require a separate camera. You want the synthesis of power and lightness, which is difficult because so much advanced equipment is naturally heavy and difficult to maneuver. The less the weight of your drone and other equipment the longer your battery will last and the longer your flight time will be.

Wild Rabbit is One of the Top Drone Filming Companies

Be sure to have your flight planned out. That’s because your flights may not last long—potentially 15 minutes at a time before they need to be recharged. Compose a pre-flight checklist, have the unit calibrated, test the unit and functions, know where you’re shooting and what shots you hope to get.

The importance of knowing how to safely operate your drone cannot be understated. It doesn’t take a lot to seriously damage the equipment, or worse, other living things. Something like a strong gust of wind can leave you with the feeling like you’ve lost control.

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