Drone Filming Trends For 2018

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See How Drone Filming Trends for 2018 Get You the Shot 



Take advantage of innovations that the film industry has to offer with drone filming trends for 2018 by Wild Rabbit. The drone market is experiencing exciting developments and innovations with drone filming trends for 2018. If you want to take your shoot to the next level, use aerial shooting to get shots you wouldn’t have otherwise. 


Wild Rabbit Has Your Drone Filming Trends for 2018


Why take a regular selfie when you can use a selfie drone? Selfie drone shooting is one of the fascinating drone filming trends for 2018. While others are taking selfies with outstretched arms and obtrusive selfie-sticks, you can go to the next level with selfie drones. Smartphones (the iPhone in particular) gave rise to the selfie which has now become a regularity for so many. But many of those shots look like selifies rather than portraiture. Getting the shot right can require so much equipment, including a stand like a tripod. Instead, with a drone, you can capture an epic selfie that offers new perspective. Whether you create video or photos, represent yourself in a whole new way with a drone selfie. 


Drone Filming Trends for 2018 


One of our favorite drone filming trends for 2018 is amazing portability. Drones are becoming smaller and smaller and this is to great benefit of the customer. A number of drones are foldable so that they can fit anywhere from a backpack to the palm of your hand. Especially when you want to take selfies, the more portable the drone, the better. 


Get Creative with Drone Filming Trends for 2018  


If you’re not the world’s best drone pilot, you hire us to get you the footage that you need. But we also employ top of the line drone technology like obstacle avoidance for our own piloting. Using sonar and infrared sonars and cameras, collisions are avoided and sophisticated equipment is left intact. 


Drone Filming Trends for 2018 Will Take Your Shoot to the Next Level 


There are a lot of different kinds of racing. But it’s hard to say that any racing is quite the same as drone racing. A lot of hobbyists have taken up this fun craze. Sometimes virtual reality headsets are used, and other times free flying is employed. There’s a strong community of racers who now have leagues and even international drone racing competitions. 


Just when you thought you could escape commercials, or even hit the “skip” button, drone promotions have surfaced. For example, in Mexico, drones are flown through standstill traffic holding promotional fliers. Similarly, drones can be used to distribute other advertising literature.


In China, drones are used to deliver ice cream. This is the next frontier of what’s possible with drone technology. The future is bright and soon, most deliveries will be made by drones. 


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