Drone for Filming

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Let Experts Fly Your Drone for Filming


When you need a drone for filming your aerial shot, time is money and you don't have the luxury of experimenting with crews who lack the experience, and equipment that can't perform.


Wild Rabbit Provides End-to-End Drone for Filming Services


At Wild Rabbit, we understand this because we are pioneers in drone filming. Along the way, we have amassed an impressive client base that includes Lexus, Budweiser, CBS, and many more national brands. These top companies come to Wild Rabbit not only for our technical skills but for our creative applications, too.


Call the Drone for Filming Experts


That unique combination of technical expertise, extensive drone for filming experience, and unlimited creative contributions has helped make Wild Rabbit a leading aerial filming service provider.


Wild Rabbit's drone filming capabilities are not limited to polished productions. We also provide extensive aerial filming services for business development for industries such as oil and gas, forestry, utility, and more.


These industries count on Wild Rabbit's drone for filming capabilities using Light Detection & Ranging (LiDAR) technology. This aerial sensing method uses pulsed laser light to measure distances with uncanny precision, allowing you to accurately map both man-made and natural environments.


One of the top sources of client frustration with their drone for filming projects is managing the administrative components. That's where Wild Rabbit can help save you time and money. Wild Rabbit can assist you with permits, insurance certificates, FAA compliance and equipment selection. Wild Rabbit is also approved for drone for filming services by the California Film Commission.


Our drone for filming crews are highly experienced three-person teams that include an FAA licensed pilot, gimbal operator, and visual observer. Together, they can precisely execute your aerial film vision.


To help provide the highest possible film production quality for your drone for filming project, Wild Rabbit relies on a state-of-the-art fleet of equipment that includes:


Freefly MoVI - Since its introduction, the MōVI has set a new standard for stabilized camera movement. The Freefly MoVI is a handcrafted stabilizer designed 100% from the ground up to empower a new era of stabilized cinematography focused on freedom of movement and creativity.



Freefly Alta 8 - This advanced drone allows us to carry some of the largest cinema payloads on the market. We confidently fly RED, ARRI and other professional cinema cameras with light cinema zoom lenses and FIZ weighing up to 20-pounds. And with the MōVI on mounted top, we can produce thrilling aerial shots.


DJI Inspire 1 X5R - A proven drone that shoots ultra high quality 4K RAW footage, it is the ideal option for episodic, reality, indoor shoots, specialty shots, on camera work and extreme weather. The Inspire 1 carries a proprietary 4K RAW camera and uses a variety of Micro Four Thirds mount lenses.


DJI Inspire 2 with X5S camera - A technologically sophisticated drone that shoots ultra high quality 5K RAW footage, it is the ideal option for episodic, reality, indoor shoots, specialty shots, on camera work and extreme weather. The Inspire 2 carries a proprietary 5K RAW camera that supports a variety of interchangeable lenses.


Regardless of what you need in aerial cinematography, where you need it, or when you need it, Wild Rabbit has the ideal drone for filming solution. To learn more about Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions and FAA Part 107 certificate rating, please call 323-577-3977.