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Leading Drone Video Services

Launched in 2013, Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions has provided innovative drone video services to the entertainment industry and beyond. Our creative team is committed to using uav technology for low altitude aerial cinematography in the motion picture and entertainment industry. We assist clients with permitting, insurance certificates, FAA rule compliance and equipment choices.

Wild Rabbit is a Los Angeles based drone video service company. We are fully insured, Part 107 certified and boast a 333 exemption. Our industry leading cinematography services for film and television range across a collection of internationally recognized brands. We utilize state of the art drone technology to capture stunning visuals for film, commercials, television and the action sports industry. We are an experienced and knowledgeable drone video services team, you can be sure that from ground to air to final wrap, we are here for you.

Drone Video Services & More

We work with industry leading drone pilots, technicians and camera operators who are dedicated to executing your unique and creative vision. Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions is proud to have worked with international brands that span the range of industries, including: Automotive, Sports, Beauty, Retail, Beverage, Vitamins and more. Contact us today if you would like to discuss your creative needs with a drone video service expert today. Our team can answer any questions that you may have regarding production services, quotes, rates and other collaborative projects.

Our creative and experienced team has been granted Section 333 exemption by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate drones for TV, film and commercial projects. Our professional pilots maintain FAA licenses for safe and reliable operation of our cutting edge UAVs. Our FAA certified is accepted by locations, insurance underwriters and film permit offices nationwide. Our thorough team can assist with every step of the permitting process and handle the comprehensive FAA required paperwork.

Our drone video services provide innovative tools when it comes to storytelling. Drone technology can merge seamlessly with the capabilities of a steadicam, technocrane and cablecam. Our drones carry the latest camera technologies at high speeds and broadcast the images back to the ground for the director to call the shot in real time.

Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions is committed to breaking the boundaries of conventional cinematography. We thrive on collaborating with creatives who are passionate about storytelling. If your production wants to explore the freedom of aerial cinema, then we are the team the turn to. To learn more about Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions and our premier drone video services, please call 323-577-3977 or visit our website