Drone Videography

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Drone Videography is All You Need to Get the Shot

There are so many innovations that the drone and aerial cinematography industry have pioneered. When it comes to drone videography and aerial capabilities, the skilled and experienced team at Wild Rabbit Aerial is one of the best drone videography companies that will get you the shot. Our creative team has experience working on a range of projects and will make your vision come to life. Use Wild Rabbit, one of the best drone videography companies and create work you will be proud of.

See How the Drone Videography Gets You the Best Shot

With technology advancing at its current high rates, innovations are becoming increasingly exciting. No matter what you hope to capture or what you’re shooting, drone videography allows you to capture scenes in a whole new way. You can capture sights never seen before, and points of view that are wholly original. Some of the most enthralling shots that exist in film are produced through drone videography.

Drone Videography Will Take Your Shoot to the Next Level

There are a lot of other trends for videography this year. Mobile is experiencing continued growth to overtake traditional traffic. Videos for mobile consumption as well as mobile ads are the quickest growing digital advertising segment over the next five years. What that means to mobile advertisers is that content needs to be tailored to the mobile audience. This content should be short—these days, viewer attention span for ads is quite slim. Mobile ads need to capture the attention of the audience from the beginning. These videos need to work across all devices as well.

Live videos have become popular. With a personal camera in everyone’s pockets, content can be created at a moments notice. Live functionality is included in major social networks and streaming services including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Whether these videos include scripted content or provide coverage of live events, viewers like to feel as though they’re getting the most updated info and like they’re watching something special, that will never be seen again. Of course, live content can still be repackaged and used as branded content later.

Similarly, non-permanent content has gained great prevalence. With platforms like Snapchat, ad revenue is skyrocketing, so in order to take advantage of those views, you have to create content to engage targeted consumers.

As more and more individuals are “cutting the cord” on cable TV, other streaming services are becoming king, like Youtube, that’s proving to be a major rival to paid subscription services. Youtube has greater reach during prime-time hours than any TV network does. Online videos are being watched more by teens and millennials.

Virtual reality is the new reality. With 360 degree technology, viewers experience a fully immersive adventure where the audience controls the content. This results in the audience being more engaged with your brand.

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