Specialty Camera Services


Wild Rabbit offers additional specialty camera services to accompany our drone services.

We have solutions for situations where the FAA will not allow drone use. Let us tailor an equipment package that best suits your production needs.


Cable Camera

High Sight, Dactyl Cam, Speedline + MōVI

A perfect solution to situations that do not allow drones. Frequently used for: live events, heavily populated areas, airports and night shots.

WRP operates lightweight cable cam systems that are quick to set up and pair perfectly with our MōVI gimbals to offer you high speed, precise and stable images.




Phantom Camera - 4K, 2K, Miro

Wild Rabbit has in house Phantom technicians that are trained and certified by Vision Research.  Our techs paired with the Phantom 4K, 2K or Miro will be the perfect solution for high speed imagery for your next production.


Freefly Tero + MōVI

The Freefly TERO is a completely new way to move the camera. The system allows for an extremely dynamic low camera angle coupled with full 3-axis control of the MōVI stabilizer to create never-before-seen shots. With our custom Vibration Isolation System on a car as smooth and agile as this, you’ll rethink what is possible from a chase car.



Aerial 360 Video / VR

6-15 GoPro / A7s / RED 

Wild Rabbit is capable of setting up your production with the best in current VR/360 video capture technology, as well as post processing. We offer state of the art equipment and crew rental for productions requiring this specialty service, and are able to offer post stitching and processing of video footage.

Handheld Gimbal Ops

MōVI M15, M10, M5 & RONIN

WRP has years of experience building and operating handheld gimbals.  We work with some of the best handheld gimbal operators in the business and can provide a gimbal/ operator package to suite your next production.  


At the end of the day it's all about the work. Check out some of our featured projects.