Custom Developed for the IMAX 3D feature film, PANDAS, our 3D aerial package is the most versatile, stable, and only 8K aerial stereoscopic system available in the industry.

Starting with two RED Heliums 8K, WRA customized the bodies to allow for minimum Interocular of 3.6 inches. These cameras paired with our custom rehoused Zeiss lenses, fully align-able camera plates and our Custom 3-Axis stabilized head our 3D package is ready to make a huge impact on your next 3D feature film.



  • 2 Helium Super 35mm Sensor or Vista Vision Sensor
  • 8K Resolutions at 24fps up to 60fps
  • 4K Resolutions at 120fps
  • Modified camera bodies 
  • PL or EF Mounts
  • Zeis Lens Pairs :15mm, 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 100mm

Custom Stereo Rig

  • 3D Alignment of Tilt , Height and Roll with custom stereo SXS rig
  • Interocular of Cameras is 3.6"
  • Stereo Rig is Parallel no Convergence adjustment
  • Timecode Sync, Genlock Sync & Camera Settings Sync

Custom Aerial Stereo Remote Head

  • Fully Stabilized 3 Axis Remote Head
  • Full Remote control capability
  • Remote Run/Stop
  • Focus and Iris remote control
  • Power integration for both cameras, VTX and other accessories

Heavy Lift Drone

  • Fully Custom built for this Stereo Camera Package
  • Top and bottom camera mount
  • Lifts up to a 30lb payload
  • 8-15minute flight times depending on altitude of take off and payload weight
  • Can take off at location ground level up to 12,000ft

Other Mounting Options

  • Handheld w/ Ready Rig
  • Tripod w/ Custom Quick Release Mitchell Mount
  • Vehicle Mount w/ Flow Cine Black Arm