Part 107 Night Waiver

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Wild Rabbit Aerial is FAA Approved for Part 107 Night Waiver & Operations!


Part 107 night waivers are a recent innovation in drone aviation law.

Part 107 Night Waiver


●     The current rule for all Part 107 pilots under 14 CFR 107.29 is that no person may operate a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) during night.

●     Wild Rabbit Aerial has received a Part 107 night waiver allowing our pilots to operate during all night hours from sun-down to sun-set.

●     We will provide all legal documentation and will assist in the permitting process for night operations.


A Part 107 night waiver allows experienced drone operators to capture footage at night. The Wild Rabbit Aerial team can also operate during Civil Twilight with FAA required anti-collision system lights that are visible for a 3 mile statute.

When it comes to the Part 107 night waiver regulations, it is important to know that night translates to the end of “Evening Civil Twilight” (beginning at sunset and ending when the Sun reaches 6 degrees below the horizon) and the beginning of “Morning Civil Twilight” (when the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon and ends at sunrise).

During Morning Civil Twilight, which is usually 30 minutes before sunrise, there is no Part 107 night waiver required. However, UAS operators should reduce the level of anti-collision lighting if it’s determined that operating conditions are safe.

Obtaining a Part 107 night waiver saves your production time as you do not need to acquire Airspace Authorization when you want to fly close to a Class D Airport and other more regulated areas.

The Wild Rabbit Aerial team maintains both FAA Part 107 pilots as well as an FAA Section 333 Exemption. Our FAA Part 107 operators are approved for closed set filming and handles all FAA paperwork. Additionally, we carry our own aviation and general liability insurance. As a professional and established drone company, we know that it is important for your production to plan ahead.

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