FAA Legal

Drone Regulation Guideline

  • Wild Rabbit is an FAA 333 exempted company, approved for closed set filming.

  • We carry aviation and general liability and aviation insurance.

  • We handle all the FAA paperwork.

  • The FAA requires that a Plan of Activities (POA) be submitted for every filming location.


Helpful hints 


  • The FAA takes 3 business days to accept a POA.

  • Signed permission must be obtained from property owners within 500ft of the drone flight before the POA is submitted.

  • Flight operations must be conducted 500ft from all non-participating persons, vessels, vehicles, roads and structures.

  • Production is responsible for maintaining a 500ft security perimeter around the drone flight path. Meaning a 100% lock up.

  • We are generally not permitted to fly within 6 statute miles of a towered airport – however there are certain exceptions.

  • Cal Trans will not permit drone filming on any state routes (California only). Click here for a list.

  • The FAA restricts drone altitude to 400ft above ground level.

  • We are not permitted to shoot at night, however we can shoot in the morning and evening magic hours.

  • The FAA requires that our pilots operate from a stationary position. We are not permitted to operate from a chase vehicle.

  • Certain locations produce serious radio interference and may require a radio frequency site survey (transmission towers, metal structures, microwave towers, cell phone towers, dense indoor Wi-Fi network areas etc.).

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