Drew Roberts
CEO + pilot

Drew Roberts established Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions in 2013, quickly becoming one of the go-to resources for aerial cinematography production and R&D. As one of the top UAV pilots in the industry, Drew also serves as Wild Rabbit’s CEO and Chief Pilot, where he has logged thousands of hours on set piloting for commercials, television shows and feature films.

Dave Radin
Producer + Managing Director

Dave Radin brings 25+ years of results-focused industry experience as the owner/executive producer of our partner SoCal Productions.  Dave Radin provides production management experience and client support, as well as bringing his expert knowledge in UAS rules and regulations for motion picture and television filming. Additionally, Dave is an FAA certified pilot with a single engine land rating, high performance and complex aircraft endorsements.

Katee Laine
LEAD Camera Operator

Katee Laine has been with Wild Rabbit since its inception as its lead aerial cinematographer and still photographer. Katee has accumulated thousands of on-set hours operating professional heavy lift camera gimbals for branded content, commercials, television and feature films.  Additionally, Katee is a seasoned on-set and commercial still photographer who specializes in content creation for several international brands.

Nathan LaBruzza

As part of the core team, Nathan LaBruzza has amassed thousands of hours in drone/camera technician engineering as Wild Rabbit’s Lead Drone Technician. Tasked with developing and maintaining WRP’s aerial fleet and gimbals, Nathan brings CAD design experience, technical construction, and shop management skills not only to our team but to our competitors as well.


PRODUCER + sales

Emmy-award winning producer Connor Cummins is Wild Rabbit’s Lead Sales Representative and Producer, bringing 10+ years experience in commercial, television and feature film production. Working as a bridge between multiple departments, Connor’s goal is to further digital production industries through efficient workflow, creative thinking and high quality production.

nick lantz
specialty camera technologist

Nick Lantz brings over two decades of experience in the motion picture industry as an AC, Camera Operator and Technologist. He has spent the last 10 years developing custom equipment for the industry films like "127 hours", "End of Watch" and "Her", as well as developing 3D large format films such as IMAX Journey to Space and Pandas.


New WRA recruit Ben Stefanides grew up in the world of aviation and cinematography. Recently graduated from Drexel with a B.S. in Television Production and Media Management, Ben has quickly become an integral part of our support team. From media management to focus pulling to DIY production support, Ben is on top of it!


Multi-national, multi-lingual creative talent, Bianca Fuchs, serves as Wild Rabbit’s Creative Director and Branding Consultant. In addition to providing her expertise to Wild Rabbit, Bianca boasts a broad freelance clientele that she provides branding consultation and UX/UI support for technology, entertainment, hospitality and industrial industries.