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Top Drone Companies Will Get You the Shot

There are so many innovations that the drone and aerial cinematography industry has pioneered. When it comes to high quality drone video and aerial capabilities, the skilled and experienced team at Wild Rabbit Aerial is one of top drone companies that will get you the shot. Our creative team has experience working in a range of projects and can work with you to make your vision come to life.

Wild Rabbit is One of the Top Drone Companies

If you’re using the top drone companies like Wild Rabbit to make your shoot as good as it can possibly be, you want to find the best locations. It’s a matter of taking familiar locations and finding angles that have never been captured before. Finding that freshness is key to adding something unique and thrilling to your piece. But you may also lack the resources to travel too far out of your radius, or waste time scouting numerous locations.

Top Drone Companies are All You Need to Get the Shot

Use Google Earth, a free tool, for scouting new aerial locations. This excellent tool allows you to visit anywhere in the world, allowing you to fly overhead with satellite imagery. You can view maps of numerous areas including terrain, street views, buildings and satellite views from space. This is so helpful for photographers and filmmakers, so that you can virtually scout a location without having to leave the comfort of your computer.

See How Top Drone Companies Get You the Best Shot

With Google Earth you can pan the camera around, capturing 360 degree views as well as zooming in and out. Discover other pertinent issues, such as street parking restrictions. You can see the location from both the air and from the ground. You can also see where the tree lines are, where walls exist, and whether you have to grapple with private properties, train tracks and other obstacles. This allows you to be as informed as can be so that you can maximize your shooting times. You may discover interesting patterns, lines and landmarks that are ideal for shooting. Finding the unique angles of these locations is an excellent opportunity to reveal an interesting, never-seen-before side of these locations. You do, however want to find pieces of these areas that are mostly unpopulated and free of obstacles. Also, Google Earth provides crowd sourced photos that give you an indication of what the best parts of the area are.

Top Drone Companies Like Wild Rabbit Will Take Your Shoot to the Next Level

When you hire top drone companies such as Wild Rabbit, you don’t have to worry about details like camera settings. But it’s a good idea to educate yourself for your own betterment. Some recommend that you use the lowest ISO possible in order to avoid shooting grainy footage.

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